Published on: 12/6/18 1:12 PM

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The foreign exchange market is where currencies are traded and whether people around the world realize it or not, currencies are highly important because they need to be exchanged to conduct foreign trade and businesses. This need to exchange currencies is exactly why the forex market is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world. One thing, however, should be pointed out – since there’s no central marketplace for foreign exchange, currency trading is naturally conducted electronically over-the-counter (OTC). This means that transactions between traders from every corner of the world can only occur via computer networks. This environment led to the establishment of currency exchange platforms and a great deal of currency investors. Just like any other market, the forex is also under certain regulations which are slowly tightening as years go by. However, if one does an Internet search of Forex broker will soon realize that there are plenty of online services that engage in controversial acts and frauds and that simply should be taken down immediately. When people decide to invest in Forex market, a thorough investigation must be done, in order to filter out the best platforms and choose where to invest your money and time in.

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One way to find out a Forex trading platform that is trustworthy and does suit one’s needs is by using social monitoring. Nowadays, social media platforms are providing us with the opportunity to raise our voice and point out whether a certain service/business, etc. truly matched our expectations. Same goes for Forex brokers. Sometimes, however, it takes us a long time to collect all the opinions and reviews on social media and we might miss something very important. That’s when social media monitoring tools come in. Such tools provide a structured, in-depth analysis of what has been said about Forex brokers, all over major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Being exposed to all that information and checking the reviews, all put together, can most certainly the most helpful way for a trader to pick their next Forex trading destination service.


Broker reviews are beneficial for every trader out there who wants to make a reasonable decision and avoid investing in a service that only aims at stealing money. Tools that provide such possibility are gaining popularity among the traders for offering social rankings, platform breakdowns, trading feels, spreads data, account features, social opinion graphs, etc. The main benefit of social broker reviews is, of course, to present a clearer perspective of the forex brokerage landscape. Furthermore, when it comes to trading signals, social media monitoring can also bring valuable knowledge to the traders, by offering comprehensive real-time social signals, significant trends and patterns and thus point out potential opportunities. Social media and the public opinion shared on the various platforms can affect the value of the currency and thus shape the decision-making of traders.

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As mentioned above, these days there are several social monitoring services, designed specifically for the Forex market that assist brokers in making a reasonable investment decision. Our platform, FXBrokerFeed, was recently praised for its effectiveness and rising popularity among the Forex trading community. We designed our service to monitor leading social media platforms and to offer a comprehensive recap of what other traders are saying about the many Forex trading platforms on the Internet. FXBrokerFeed gathers mentions, comments shares and opinions of real traders to provide FX broker reviews and real-time trading signals. Trading online has surely become a lot easier with a platform like ours, the main goal of which is to bring benefit to the traders, who never know which Forex broker can raise them up or bring them down.