First Week of March FxBrokerFeed weekly forex market report

Published on: 03/11/19 1:18 PM

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The month of February is over and FxBrokerFeed brings you this week’s forex market recap. eToro has announced that they are bringing crypto trading and wallet to United States and Tiger Broker’s and their interactive brokers implications.


One of the biggest trading and social investing platform eToro is going to lunch their platform in the United States. eToro is already operating in more than 140 countries, and now it will be available in 30 states in the U.S and also with plans to expand elsewhere after receiving the official sign-offs.

The platform that will be launched in the U.S will only support trading for crypto however within the next 12 months, eToro will add additional asset classes. In eToro’s current markets, the organization’s 10 million or more clients can trade and hold in more of 1,500 various asset classes and markets, including stocks, bonds but also crypto and fiat currencies, products, and the sky is the limit from there.

Tiger Brokers

Tigers Brokers (TIGR) are the most prominent and fastest growing online broker that is focused on Mandarin speakers and offering them international brokerage. TIGR flaunts well-known investors Jim Rogers, Xiaomi and IBKR.

In this analysis, it is shown how Interactive Brokers (IBKR) investors are almost certain the ones to profit by the IPO continues that TIGR will get. We are looking at IBKR as the long-time investor.

The primary things that fly out are TIGR’s enormous market share in its self-characterized section: it displays a 58% market share. Using mobile-first corporate rationality, TIGR’s fundamental item is its application. TIGR’s application is smooth and responsive.

One can join consistently on the application itself using selfies and photographs of one’s ID card. For Westerners, Tiger Brokers is similar to fintech Revolut or Robinhood in the US.

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