CES 2019: When and what is coming up

Published on: 01/7/19 3:04 PM

Category: Technology

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Simply set, CES (established in 1967) is a technology occasion where the Largest technology businesses in the world (except Apple) show another generation of products, lined up for launch later in the year. CES events usually happen in the very first months of each year in Vegas. This year’s version will also be held in Las Vegas in 11 places between January 8 and January 11, 2019. The occasion will see vegas host over 180,000 tech fans, over 6,500 media staff, and approximately 5,000 firms showcasing next-gen products and technologies from around the globe.

What is to come?

The Same as previous versions of this event, expect to see new products and technology in addition to improvements upon the previous ones which range from smartphones, notebooks, AR, VR, drones, wearables, automobiles, smart house appliances and assistants, TVs, community technologies etc…


If you’re expectant of any significant flagship smartphone launching from any ff the best OEMs, you may be let down. This is because a number of these manufacturers choose to separately host the launching event for their flagship devices. But, expect to see big businesses give details about exactly what their next flagship smartphone might seem like. Additionally, with numerous buzz surrounding the 5G network technologies in addition to its accessibility and openness, we hope to visit a few OEMs showcase some 5G-ready tablets… or showcase prototypes and provide more concrete information about their accessibility.

Smart Home Gadgets and Virtual Assistant

AS you know, Google (with Google Assistant) And Amazon (with Alexa) are just two major names in the smart digital assistant industry. Additionally, it’s not any news that both firms are actively fighting to be the operating system of the ordinary tech user’s house and therefore, you need to expect to find a ton of gadgets powered by both the supporters from both businesses and their spouses.

TVs and Monitors

TVs are a Few of the top techs to watch out for at CES and this year’s edition will not be any different. The highlight of TVs to be showcased in the CES 2019 is expected to revolve around 8K. 8K Smart TVs produced their debut at last year’s CES event and a few manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Sony have then generated 8K TVs. We expect manufacturers to unveil stronger (and less-expensive) 8K TVs with much more elegant AI integration.
Samsung is expected to unveil its recently announced “Space Monitor” alongside two curved screens, among which is especially built for gaming. LG is also thought to possess two OLED TVs that can use its new innovative chips, machine learning, in addition to Google Assistant and Alexa (combined) to supply a whole redefined user experience on its own TVs.
Rumour also has it that Samsung TVs that could be showcased will possess Both Google Assistant along with the organization’s native Bixby Assistant integrated into them, enabling users select that virtual helper they would really like to power their smart TVs. In other news, Hisense will allegedly show why Laser TV Technology trumps OLED and will be the future of TV seeing because it unveils a 100-inch Double Colour Laser TV in the CES 2019 occasion.  


Laptops and notebook components are items to Consider in the event Because there are fascinating pre-CES information about notebook solutions. Intel could exhibit a prototype of its own foldable dual-screen Copper Habor notebook with an OLED screen . The Intel Copper Habor will allegedly have the ability to be utilized as a complete touchscreen screen and fold into a book-like laptop with the bottom-half section of the screen forming the computer keyboard and touchpad.  


Famous semiconductor firm, AMD can also be ready to unveil its own 3rd-generation Ryzen chips In the CES 2019. The business will allegedly display three entry-level Ryzen 3 (3300, 3300X, and 3300G), three midsize Ryzen 5 (3600, 3600X, and 3600G) chips, and 2 Ryzen 7 (3700 and 3700X) chips.  


Back to Intel, the business will want to trump over its rival, AMD, as reports have it that Intel could exhibit the Comet Lake, a 10-core 20-thread CPU that has been in the works for some time.

The CES 2019 is a Major event, and consequently, There’ll be a deluge of Goods, innovations and new technology in their thousands that it Could be easy to lose out on many of those. Stay glued to Dignited however — we would keep you updated about the very best ground-breaking statements and products as they’re unveiled.