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FXBrokerFeed – Second Week of April Forex Report

Published on: 04/12/19 11:54 AM

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The 2019 second week of April started with a bang in the market landscape. Forex Broker comparison service FXBrokerFeed shares another insightful weekly report, containing updated news, and trends in the global FX broker market, featuring TD Ameritrade, and Smartkarma and Interactive Traders corroboration.


Smartkarma and Interactive Brokers Collaborate

Our pick for the week is spotlight on the value of research. Announcement of Smartkarma’s advanced worldwide research technology integration with Interactive Brokers platform is bound to set a new benchmark for superior forex market offerings. Interactive Brokers operate the largest electronic platform in the US by number of daily average revenue trade, have a veritable global presence, and a $140 billion kitty in client equity. Smartkarma brings to the table an invaluable number of “Insight Providers” with unique leverage on the surging Asian Market and emerging markets. Interactive Traders clients’ stand to benefit from Smartkarma’s single-subscription platform, configured with a host of state-of- the-art-tools that filter Insights, and user preferences among others. This new strategic alliance will be closely watched, and most likely to be replicated.

TD Ameritrade Increases 24-Hour Trade Offerings

Foremost Forex Market leader TD Ameritrade have announced an increase of ten new ETF’s to trade on their 24/5-hour cycle platform, Monday through Friday. Broker platform analysis is that clients’ who trade during the 24/5-hour period are 10 times more active and wielding a significantly higher number of assets. Despite a higher risk factor, such as liquidity issues, TD Ameritrade has put in place tighter control mechanisms that minimize risk. Securities trading in the 24/5-hour cycle are in close synchrony with other markets that trade, based on global breaking news events. Higher trading volumes are anticipated with this broader platform engagement. Today’s traders need a dependable way to navigate through the ever-changing world of Forex trading. FXBrokerFeed brings you relevant information about FX Brokers and currency pairs 24/7 and is an essential tool that will help improve your trading performance. Start your 30-day free trial today!