How To Start Your Week Off on a Positive Note

Published on: 12/3/18 9:20 AM

Category: Home, World

Starting a new work week can be challenging for even the most positive person. Many people end up staying up too late the night before and getting into the office late Monday morning. The average worker gets into their office twenty minutes late after the weekend. They take their time drinking coffee, using the restroom, chatting with colleagues, and checking social media. It’s usually not until after ten in the morning that they really think about working, and soon it is lunchtime anyway. I’m sure that you can imagine this isn’t going to turn out very successful. It is a tough habit that we all easily fall into.

However, with a little practice, you can have a more productive Monday morning.

A productive way to begin your workweek is to prepare for it on Sunday. Sure, you don’t necessarily want to think about work on your day off, but it will help you get into a better frame of mind when you know what is going to happen. Write a to-do list for the week, with the worst tasks first. Getting these over with will make the rest of the week easier. Make sure your whole outfit is clean and ready to go the night before. Go to sleep early and resolve to get to the office on time.

Have a positive attitude

It’s so normal to moan and complain about Monday. But be different than everyone else. Rise above it and be positive and upbeat in the morning. The weekend is going to be short no matter what you say or do to stop it. This doesn’t mean that you have to be phony or obnoxious about it, you just need to be passionate and ready to do your job instead of complaining that you are there again.

Think hard about your job. Are you really happy there? Do you enjoy being there most of the time? Is your current career going in the direction you have been hoping for? If the answer is no, there is even more of a chance that you will hate Monday mornings, as well as the rest of the week. If you believe the Monday blues are becoming worse and worse, you may have a bigger problem that will need to be dealt with. You may want to consider a new job in the future, or you could speak to your current boss about improving your situation while you are there.

Prepare beforehand

If you can, try to work out before your day begins. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast at home. Once you get into your office, avoid idle gossip. Get started immediately on the plan that you made over the weekend. If you can, check emails and messages on Sunday. This will help you prepare for the week. If you haven’t, get them out of the way early on. Then, tackle the tasks that are the hardest on your list to get them out of the way. You will feel better once they are done.
Finally, speak with your superior about anything that could be done or that you need to be aware of. Make a solid plan on how your career could move forward for you. Don’t give up on your dreams.
With these tips, Monday mornings won’t seem so bad after all. We hope that it will help make your work week that much better!