Nicole Kidman begs audiences to look past blockbusters

Published on: 12/5/18 3:18 PM

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Some of the biggest names in Australian screen have used the red carpet of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) awards to send subtle messages to politicians and the wider industry, but Nicole Kidman had a message for moviegoers.

Key points:

  • Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts awards are being held in Sydney
  • Nicole Kidman urges audiences to make time for smaller, important films
  • The Australian actor stars in Boy Erased, a nominee for Best Film

The Australian actor took home the AACTA for her supporting role in Boy Erased, moments after urging audiences to look past the blockbusters. Boy Erased, which was nominated for best film, is based on the true story of a teenager put through conversion therapy in the United States not that many years ago. It was directed by Joel Edgerton, who appears beside Kidman and Russell Crowe in the film. “These films are hard right now. They’re hard to get audiences for. They’re hard to get made,” Kidman said.

“You know, I’m also in Aquaman. That is not hard to get made. It’s a whole different thing and it’s nice to be fun. “But this is where you go ‘please go and see these movies’ because otherwise we won’t have the chance to make them anymore.” The film was made in the US, but is nominated in the Australian AACTA awards because its director, Edgerton, is a local. This year was the first time the Australian awards recognised an American film with substantial local input. “I don’t know about bending the rules, I’m just grateful the film is being seen,” Kidman said.